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Jonas Brothers Biography

The Jonas Brothers band is a group of 3 siblings, Joseph Adam Jonas, Nicholas Jerry Jonas and Paul Kevin Jonas. Their parents are Denise Jonas and Kevin Jonas Sr. Kevin Jonas, the eldest of the three, was born in Wyckoff New Jersey on the 5th day of November 1987. Kevin was followed by Joe on the 15th day of August 1989. Nick was born on the 16th day of September 1992. They have one other brother, Franklin Nathaniel Jonas, born on the 28th day of September 2000.

Originally, Nick worked as a soloist ever since he was discovered singing at a barber shop when he was 6 years old. At the age of 7, he began performing on Broadway. He acted for several theatrical plays, sang a lot of songs which he co-wrote.

Eventually, his brothers, Joe and Kevin, were also discovered to have musical talents as well. Last 2005, Columbia Records signed contracts with the three brothers as a group. Ever since then, they performed as a band.

They had their first acting debut on Disney Channel's Original Series Hannah Montana Season 2, where they guest starred in the episode, "Me and Mr. Jonas and Mr. Jonas and Mr. Jonas." After appearing on this particular episode, and because of the awesome response from the audience, they went on a tour with Miley Cyrus for her The Best of Both Worlds Concert. They also filmed a short reality series, Jonas Brothers: Living the Dream. The short series featured clips from their rehearsals, their travels, their performances, their studying and their personal lives with their family and friends.

They had their film debut in the Disney Channel's Original Movie Camp Rock, where they portrayed the roles of Shane Gray for Joe, Nate for Nick and Jason for Kevin, together that form a band called Connect Three. After the movie Camp Rock, they filmed another Disney Channel's Original Series JONAS (Junior Operative Networking as Spies). This series is about 3 teenage rock stars working as government-hired spies who eventually have to stop as spies and try to continue living an ordinary life.